Suy niệm Tin Mừng cho ngày 10 tháng 11 năm 2019 – Chủ nhật thứ ba mươi hai trong thời gian bình thường

In order for us to live sacrificial lives, we have to be people who are rooted in Heaven. Watch Fr. Burns reflects on the Gospel for the Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time. These weekly gospel reflections are presented to you through a partnership with uCatholic and Spirit Juice Studios.

Tại sao khiêu dâm lại nguy hiểm và làm thế nào để chống lại

In this episode of The Catholic Talk Show, the guys are joined by Father Sean Kilcawley to discuss the dangers and impact of pornography and how you can find freedom from porn and shame. In this episode, you will learn • What does the Catholic Church teach about pornography? • Is masturbation a Mortal Sin? • Sobering statistics about pornography use • Practical steps...

Nhận miễn phí từ Tội lỗi thường xuyên

What do you do if you have a sin you just can’t get free from? Check it out on this episode of Made for Glory! Your support helps ensure we can continue making this show and reaching people all over the world! Become a patron: Mailing-list: Like us: